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We are now closed for the season. See you next year.

Our Ice Cream Is Made Here

We produce about 50 different flavors of ice cream, yogurt and sugar-free products. We have all the stand-bys plus some innovative flavors such as Cookie Monster, Ginger Snap (with cookies), Kahlua Chip yogurt, and a local favorite "Berry Garcia," a vanilla-based non-fat yogurt with three locally grown berries from a farm up the street. Our Maple Walnut is made with walnut halves and pure NH Maple syrup from my neighbor's sugarhouse. The three restaurants that surround us each get an exclusive flavor made only for them and not offered on our flavor board. We offer pints and quarts.


Our Flavors:
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SUPREME ICE CREAM FLAVORS                                           (14% BUTTERFAT)

Almond Joy – Coconut ice cream                                           with almonds and chocolate                                           chips
Banana Oreo
Barefoot Brownie – Vanilla ice                                           cream with a fudge swirl and                                           chunks of fudge brownies
Black Bear – Vanilla ice cream                                           with Raspberry swirl and dark                                           chocolate raspberry truffles
Black Raspberry
Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip
Blueberry Cheesecake – The                                           blueberries and chunks of                                           cheesecake make this a winner!
Brownie Batter – with chunks                                           of fudge brownies
Cake Batter
Caramel Cup – Caramel ice                                           cream with a caramel swirl and                                           caramel truffles
Cheesecake – We add chunks of                                           cheesecake for a rich,                                           satisfying flavor
Chocolate – double rich with                                           chocolate fudge and 70% cocoa
Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Chip Cheesecake
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup
Coffee – We use Columbian                                           coffee for a rich, creamy                                           flavor
Coffee Almond Joy –  We                                           perked up our Almond Joy with                                           some rich Columbian coffee
Coffee Heath Bar – Same as our                                           Coffee ice cream with lots of                                           heath bar chunks 
Cookie Monster – Blue Vanilla                                           ice cream with Oreos and                                           chocolate chip cookies
Espresso Oreo
Ginger Snap 
Husky Tracks - Mint ice cream                                           with chocolate fudge swirl and                                           white choc. chips
Maple Walnut –  Made with                                           pure NH maple syrup from                                           Fadden’s Sugarhouse
Mint Chocolate Chip
Mint Oreo
Mocha Almond Fudge 
Mocha Chip – The chips will                                           melt in your mouth!
Moose Tracks – Vanilla ice                                           cream with chocolate fudge                                           swirl and peanut butter                                           cups 
Orange Pineapple
Peppermint Stick
Pistachio – We make it with                                           pistachio nut paste, not green                                           artificial flavoring! 
Pretzelogic – Vanilla Ice                                           Cream with a caramel swirl and                                           chocolate covered pretzels
S’mores – Chocolate ice cream                                           packed with  marshmallows                                           and chocolate covered graham                                           crackers
Toasted Coconut
Vanilla – Our signature                                           Vanilla, made with pure                                            vanilla bean paste

HOMEMADE FAT FREE FROZEN                                           YOGURT FLAVORS

Berry Garcia – Vanilla yogurt                                           with blueberries,                                           blackberries  and                                           raspberries
Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip
Kahlua Chip – Kahlua Yogurt                                           with white chocolate chunks


Caramel Pecan
Maple Walnut


Blue  Raspberry

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